I was speaking last Sunday morning about the importance of refocusing. And that not just as a one off….but as a frequent exercise.

Many churches just had their ‘vision Sunday’ in the last couple of weeks. This felt a tad late as we are already in February, but I am sure there is a strategic wisdom in that choice.

I guess the naivety of the infamous New Year Resolutions wears off, and the realisation of our human inadequacy visa a vis self-improvement programmes sets in.

Still, I wonder, what is the ONE thing you desire most this year? What is the ONE change, either in your personal life, family life, career, education, that you long for?

You might need to take some time for quiet and undistracted reflection…

You might need to have some honest and frank conversations…

You might want to reflect on God’s revelation…

You might want to write it down…

You might want to make yourself accountable….

Remember, today is the perfect day for that new start.

The best place to be as a Christ-follower is on the move with the One who said: ‘follow Me’.

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