How strange that so many things in life can have a dual purpose/effect. And sometimes it is diametrically opposed… Take shade for example. We cherish it in the scorching sun of the midday in the humid heat of he summer weeks.

But as I was crossing the Millennium bridge today I saw portions of he pavement still covered in frosty ice, as they were in he shade. It looked dangerous and slippery. It was a brilliant visual reminder that this is true in our lives. The enemy can’t keep the Son from shining over our lives but he tries so hard to shade areas of our lives from experiencing the grace that thaws away the fears and frost of sin.

Pull back the curtains afresh and let truth shine through. You are loved by a God who loves you not because of who you are or how you are. He loves you before you loved Him.

He loves you demonstratively, shown in the death of His Son on the Cross for you.

He loves you extravagantly, with a love that is patient, eternal and OTT.

He loves you too much to leave you broken and messed and because His speciality is redemption, He is continually carrying on an inside-out deep makeover.

He loves you so much that He lives in you by His Spirit and He makes you look more and more like His Son, so that people will keep mistaking you for Him.

That’s the kind of grace that can shine the light and warmth that can defrost all the shady parts of your life. Today!

Just receive it!

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