Monday is usually a tricky day for pastors. Just like those of you who find the weekend too short and maybe the week ahead too daunting, we battle insecurities and inadequacies.

We ponder on yesterday’s encounters and how well we fulfilled our calling in communicating the Good News and caring for the people God made us overseers over.

Here are John Newton (Works, 6:271): some very encouraging words to be read on a Saturday or Monday.

When I feel my own poverty, my heart wandering, my head confused, graces languid, gifts apparently dormant; when I thus stand up with half a loaf, or less, before a multitude, and see the bread multiply in the breaking, and that, however it may be at the time with myself, as to my own feelings, the hungry, the thirsty, the mourners in Zion, are not wholly disappointed; when I find that some, in the depth of their outward afflictions, can rejoice in me, as the messenger by whom the Lord is pleased to send them a word in season, balm for their wounds, and cordials for their cases; then indeed I magnify mine office.

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