Here are some of the highlights of my last few weeks’ Bible readings (Exodus 21 – Leviticus 14)

★ When it comes to your failures your past needs to be forgotten but when it comes to God’s grace, it must be always be remembered. # Moses/Israelites

★ Christian leadership should be flowing out of your encounter with God. # Moses

★ Don’t underestimate the power or ego trips and peer pressure in leadership. # Aaron

★ God has a soft spot for teaching patience, because patience is essential to a trusting relationship. Rushing things could lead you to some form of idolatry. # Israel

★ The secret of a godly leader: always resisting frustration and choosing intercession – born out of compassion.

★ The secret of a godly leader: chose to listen to smart advice and implement it with humility. # Moses & Jethro

★ Your style and substance of worship will speak volumes about your God. # Leviticus

★ If God gives you a command, the devil will make you think it is a rule to rebel against, but it is always for your benefit. # Leviticus

★ Sins often affect both your vertical and horizontal relationships. Don’t miss out on either. # Leviticus

★ Repentance in human relationships often involves restitution not just regret. # Leviticus

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