Here are some of the highlights of my week’s Bible readings (Exodus 1-20)

  • Your own spiritual legacy will be very influential on the spiritual health of your family.
  • People can attempt to derail your spiritual destiny but God is both creative and redemptive – to turn anything around. #Joseph
  • Material prosperity can easily become a catalyst for jealousy and conflict. # Israelites in Egypt
  • Parental investments in your children’s spirituality in the formative years will pay off in their adult life. # Moses’s parents
  • The story of God often weaves human responsibility with divine sovereignty through a beautiful partnership. # Moses and God
  • The line between humility and insecurity is a very thin one. Make sure you don’t cross it. # Moses
  • Beware, under pressure, of ‘selective memory’ and the ‘blame game’. ‘# Israelites in desert

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