Here are some of the highlights of my week’s Bible readings (Genesis 25-50)

★ Beware of selling your long-term destiny for a short-term gain. # Esau

★ Sometimes the way God changes your character and facilitates authentic repentance, is by allowing you to get through the same experiences through which you have hurt others. # Jacob

★ Time and distance – under God’s help – can do miracles regarding forgiveness. # Jacob and Esau

★ Even when it seems like human beings wrong you, God sees it and often steps in. # Leah

★ God-given dreams can be misunderstood by others and will take time to see their fulfillment. # Joseph

★ Integrity does not always bring prosperity and popularity. # Joseph

★ If you take a genuine interest in people, opportunities will come to you as a leader. # Joseph

★ God specialises in redemption. As people plot your destruction, even when there seems to be no hope, remember that God has the last word. # Joseph

★ Those who experience God’s sovereign faithfulness are inclined to demonstrate great generosity and graciousness. # Joseph

One thought on “LESSONS IN A WEEK

  1. Great one-liners. Very good, real encouragements to live the life as well as warnings that it’s not all rosy when we follow the Master. Keep it up, Murgsy!

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