Here are some of my highlights from this week’s Bible readings (Genesis 1-24)

★ The enemy is crafty and creative and he will undermine God’s character by questioning His Word

★ Once you bite Satan’s bait, he will drag you even further into selfishness, pride and the blame game

★ Sin is a breach of trust in our relationship win God

★ Many initiatives start with a noble purpose but end up marred by selfish ambitions – re. Babel

★ When you are faced with a crisis you are almost always faced with a choice. You can choose to declare your spiritual bankruptcy or chose to do spiritual DIY.

★ Abraham finished well but if you pull out snapshots of his life, it often looks less than flattering. Don’t despair.

★ Lot made a bad choice, and while hindsight is a great advantage, he made the very common mistake of making decisions all by himself, guided by his human sense alone. Beware of that same mistake.

★ God doesn’t stop you from doing spiritual DIY but He often kindly intervenes with redemption afterwards. Still, consequences remain.

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