I have started this little exercise a few years ago but haven’t done it recently. Browsing over past ‘100 words’ I found it pretty amazing.

Maybe it will inspire you to do the same. The 100 words are personal really, yet not a secret. Don’t try to deconstruct or interpret me by them. They really only make sense to me, and some of them are quite ‘random’.

I wrote them, ‘shooting from the hip’, in the last week of this year – no editing, filtering and image manipulation.

Here they are – they year remembered in 100 words:

Japan Earthquake
Steve Jobs
Trust vs Faith
We Need to Talk About Kevin
‘Arab Springs’
Sons, Disciples & Witnesses
God is Faithful
Student Fees
Radical by David Platt
A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller
The Riots
Fear vs. Faith
God is Patient
Frozen Planet
Holy Spirit & Mission
Reclaiming the Trinity
The Gospel
Rumer – Seasons of My Soul
Love Wins
Sunderland Point
God is Gracious
Victory Church
❤ attack
Judging vs. Discerning
Birdy – Skinny Love
Church Planting
Younger Brother vs Older Brother
The Social Network
Francis Chan
Classic FM

2 thoughts on “100 WORDS

  1. So blessed to see Victory Church was on your heart! I came to know Our Lord there just over a year ago and have the pleasure of leading worship there now- and had the blessing of hearing you speak there some months back at the Academy, lecturing on the Holy Spirit- it inspired me and all the others who were in attendance, and I hope you will be attending again in the future. God bless

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