SPREAD – How your Church or Small Group can make the most of Christmas

I have prepared these few suggestions for our LIFE Groups. Maybe you can find them helpful too.

SERVE together. This is about being hands-on. Towel and basin, just like the Master, our very own version of ‘incarnational’. You can help with car parking, card distribution and a myriad of ‘behind the scenes’ essential ways to make the Christmas outreaches a great blessing for many.

PRAY together. This is probably the best way you can bless one another and also affect great change, in your lives, church and community. Pray in triplets for one another. Pray as a group for your friends and family, as well as the church Christmas outreaches.

READ the story together. Take time to read one or more passages from the gospels that remind you of the coming of Christ. Read slowly. Read worshipfully. Read in different versions. Stop from time to time to take it in.

ENCOURAGE one another. Christmas presents are nice but they seem to be easily forgotten. Maybe you can gift people in your group something that is of eternal value (Bible verse, a written prayer for them, some home-made stuff that is personal). Maybe you as a LG feel the desire to bless someone who was/is outside of you LG – think creatively and spiritually.

ADMIT struggles to one another. Be transparently honest with one another. This can be a difficult time of the year. Families are not always picture perfect. There is financial stress, relational stress and sometimes even bereavement and loneliness. You can only pray and encourage one another if you know one-another – and that means being vulnerable.

DECLARE the Good News together. After all, this is what the season is all about. Tell your neighbours about our church services, get involved in carol singing in pubs/residential homes/town and let those around you see and hear about the Good news of the Saviour’s birth. Hope is so desperately needed this Christmas!



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