Years ago I used an image to express how I see the complementarity of Sunday celebrations and Small Group ministry in the life of a local church. I saw them as the two wings that made healthy ministry ‘fly’. You take one of them away and will probably end up with an unbalanced and unhealthy life.

This is one of the many reasons why I champion our LIFE groups here at CFMC, where I have the privilege to serve and encourage Gods people. I see this as equally important to the teaching ministry I am so passionate about.

Here are my 10 suggestions for brilliant ways to encourage and equip both members and leaders to serve in an atmosphere of authentic support and accountability.

To me, it is simple. Leading a small group is about loving God and loving people. the rest should flow out of that. You care by:

Inviting or calling people to join your group so that hey don’t stand alone.

Welcoming them, as if you had Jesus over, being warm and attentive, always.

Listening to them, knowing who they are and what makes them tick or worries them.

Communicating with them, asking questions, making comments, engaging in small talk.

Noticing them, appreciating their presence, missing their presence.

Encouraging them, taking time to stress their progress and contributions.

Correcting them, just he other side of encouragement, always redemptive and constructive.

Equipping them, giving them a break to use their gifts and serve in a safe place.

Teaching them by using your words (from the Word) and life as an example to follow.

Praying for them, to grow, to be bold, to be strong, to be effective, to be faithful.


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