Most people I know get that Monday morning blues. It’s back to work after a few days of enjoying rest and family times. However great your job might be – it often feels like an unpleasant interruption and most people just don’t look forward to it. Add to that the fact that some really have a hard time at work (colleagues, bosses, tasks) or those for whom ‘work’ is just a financial means of getting bills paid.

As a pastor – it’s similar yet very different. The weekend is the pinnacle of business in my week. Monday, very often, means an assault of introspective and self-critical army of thoughts and feelings (some from me, some from others). If it was a fantastic weekend and you felt ‘spiritually high’ – it is very likely that you will ‘come down’. That’s why for me, it is possibly the time of the week when I feel most vulnerable.

Therefore, I suggest that we need to push back either the sense of drudgery, frustration or unhealthy introspection. I often need a Monday Morning Restoration – a time to reflect and refocus both my feelings and attitudes.

I am reminded of Daniel’s great endeavor to work in such a way as to please and represent God in and through his workplace:

‘Daniel showed that he could do the work better than the other supervisors and governors, so the king planned to put Daniel in charge of the whole kingdom.’  Daniel 6:3

He worked in exile as a POW who was ineffectively brainwashed and used. He faced a very hostile and unfamiliar context, yet he maintained his identity. I know it doesn’t always work like that but I still desire to have an attitude like that, regardless of the outcome (success).

I believe that God is always looking for people with whom He can partner in bringing out His purposes in this world. Are you willing, in your context, with your talents – willing to say ‘yes’ to His invitation?

In the next few Mondays, as God helps me, I will attempt to bring some encouraging reflections on how to make most of our workplaces.

Spirit of God, I thank you for the gift of life today. As I face a week that is ahead of me , I know that is filled with both dreams and fears. Please give me the inspiration and strength to make my work an act of worshiping you and encouraging those around me.



  1. Great post Murgs. An upward focus sounds like a good way to blow away those Monday morning blues to me. Looking forward to the following posts on this topic 🙂

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