Many people in the Western world seem to be interested in some sort of ‘spiritual’ experience. Patsy Palmer, the actress playing Bianca in ‘Eastenders’, once said in an interview:

‘I’ve really got into reading books on spirituality. I feel that I’ve got a hole inside me, you know? You try to fill it up with all these things but there’s nothing that can make you happy.’

As they are searching for spiritual answers, the last place they expect to find them is the Christian church. In fact many churches appear to be closing down.

Many are very suspicious and sceptical about anything related to the Establishment – and sadly the Church is often identified as part of it. Often the church had ceased to be either prophetic or relevant to the culture surrounding it and therefore came across as either compromised or negative.

Sadly too many people could identify with the words of a Faithless’  well-known song of the dance scene of the 90’s:

‘ This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts. For tonight God is a DJ.’

All this talking about a nightclub, not a church…

The great news is that the Church is still alive today, having survived centuries of history, unlike any other institution. And that is exactly because the Church is not meant to be a human institution but the body of Christ.

As Jesus Himself said: ‘I will build my church; and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.’  (John 16:18)

I love the Church because…it is the place where we celebrate, encourage and champion the great forgiveness and hope that Jesus brings to a needy and hurting world.

I love the Church because… it is a place where I can speak and hear the truth.

I love the Church because … there I am together with people who otherwise I would have never known and appreciated.

I love the Church because…it is the place where I am known, accepted, accountable and encouraged to grow In Christ-likeness.

I love the Church because… it is paradoxically very fallible and yet Jesus calls her His bride.

What about you? Still in love? Broken-up a while ago? Time for getting back together? Give her a second chance? Come and visit us at CFM – would love to see you there!

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