The only imminent and inevitable truth about our lives is that death will knock at the door for every single one of us. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. I don’t know to whom, first…

It’s damning and almost ironic that we either chase or worry after so many things that aren’t really that important, while death remains one of the ultimate taboos of the modern Western world. We avoid thinking about it and we certainly don’t want to talk about it. And too right. at least we are honest about it for once. We are either scared or confused, therefore we prefer to pretend it isn’t there.

Woody Allen said, ‘I’m not afraid of death. I just don’t want to be here when it happens.’ Lars Ulrich from Metallica had it at all yet he realised that ‘death is the only thing that I cannot control in my life’. From time to time, the unwelcome shock of having someone we care for I’ll, or the death of someone famous, it causes us to freak out and become restless. But only for a while.

Sunday morning I was speaking on Jesus raising Lazarus from the death and proclaiming something sensational. He said ‘ I am the resurrection and the life. whoever believes in Me will never die but even if he dies he will live forever.’ This truth is the anchor that brings hope in a world so marred and frightened of death.

Yet as He declares that fantastic promise, Jesus throws in the 65,000$ question: ‘ Do you believe?’

I know I do.

What about you?


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