Back in business – here are this week’s favourite links I have come across:

A CELEBRATION OF ‘SMALL’ CHURCHES – this is a brilliant article by a smart contemporary church growth consultant. It should encourage any church leader that isn’t involved in a mega-church (which, as far as I am aware, no one reads my blog).

SIX ESSENTIAL COMMITMENTS FOR LEADERSHIP – Rick Warren providing a thought-provoking and practical check-list for any (Christian) leader. Good to use for self-examination and re-commitment, which can also be possibly used as devotions for leadership teams.

10 COMMANDMENTS OF STEVE – whatever you think of Steve Jobs (loathe him or love him), he has been extremely influential as a leader of (arguably) one of the most recognizable brands in the world today. This infographic is quite revealing.

9 HABITS THAT MIGHT DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD – This is quite interesting in bringing up some ‘healthy’ actions might be having a negative impact. I bet you might be really surprised by some.

BIZARRE 9/11 STORY OF THE WEEK – out of all the moving or strange stories of the tragedy of the Twin Towers – this seems so unusual. If it was you – how would you live afterwards?


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