‘Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest’
Matthew 11:28

We are all searching for rest in some way or another…For some of us it might be simply the desire to have a break from the madness of our jobs, family life and even Church life. We just want to relax a little. We want some quiet, some peace, some tranquility.

For others it might a search for spiritual rest. We are looking for that ‘something’ that would give us a sense of purpose in life. We are looking for something that would offer us a shelter from the storms of life. we are looking for that which can fill the empty void from deep within our souls. That which we feel but probably cannot even articulate.

Jesus extends his personal invitation to come to Him – and if you know anything about how he treated those that needed rest…you would realize that it’s a fantastic invitation! He often shocked his entourage with His gracious care for those despised, rejected and broken-hearted people whom He encountered.

And the surprise is that you don’t have to be anyone special or have great credentials. All He asks for is that you hand over your burdens… A great exchange. Your mess, tiredness, sinfulness, frustrations and hurts. Bargain or what?

Jesus I don’t have a lot to offer to You today, perhaps. Only plenty of worries, tiredness, frustrations and disappointments. But You have promised rest for people just like me. I come just as I am. Please grant me your rest today.

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