I will sum up the rest of Darrin’s final lessons as ‘beware of self-centred busy activism’ that masquerades as ‘ministry’. Symptoms: You work as if it all depends on you. You have little time for people and are obsessed with programs.

Your sharpness in discernment drops and you just keep appointing wrong leaders and start wrong endeavours – because it ‘looks’ like growth. You don’t rest, in fear that if you do, the rollercoaster stops… As he says, ’ministry fruits became my righteousness’.

MY TIPS: There will be snares and difficulties whether your ministry goes well or is looking quite unsuccessful. Some will be similar and others will be quite different – depending on your context.

Learn to identify your potential areas of temptation/danger.

Find your security deeply rooted in your identity ‘in Christ’ as the Father’s adopted one, belonging to His family and an heir in the Kingdom. All other definitions will mess up your perceptions. Chasing for success will potentially short-change your faithfulness. Chasing for success will potentially make you mistake His blessing for your merit.

Rest is essential for the smart leader – exactly because it demonstrates humility and a deep reliance on God who will continue the work without you. Resting will make you value your family more and slow you down enough for you to listen more carefully and observe more attentively.  Take your Sabbath seriously, plan holidays well and learn to slow down even through an ordinary day – resting not simply being slothful…


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