FRIDAY FAST-FORWARD (early delivery)

Before a well-deserved summer gap, here are some inspiring, challenging and uplifting links that I have come across lately:

10 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO MAKE YOUR PASTOR’S SERMON BETTER – although the title is slightly misleading, I could not agree more with these points. This is very helpful for audience and speaker alike.

HAUNTING YET REAL – Boston Globe’s photographical reminder of the tragedy in Norway. Images often speak louder than words.

WHY THE NORVEGIAN KILLER IS NOT A CHRISTIAN – This is a pretty snappy and clear article by author and theology professor, Michael Horton explaining why that certain man is not a Christ-follower.

POCELAIN UNICORN – this is a beautiful clip of a short story that uses only 6 sentences. Visual creativity at its very best…

FOR POLITICAL BUFFS ONLY – Rory Stewart is a very bright and compelling politician with an already experience. Well worth listening to.

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