Sorry for the delay – but here we go:

10 Simple Things Good Pastors Say
This was best ministry-related link that I have come across this week. It is simple yet very challenging. If I am your pastor – pray for me. If you have a pastor(s) – pray for them. If you are a pastor – be inspired and prayerful about these issues.

Chandler, Horton, Keller on How to Disagree

Helpful, gracious and wise insights on a subject that is very important –  from 3 leaders that I respect greatly:

He invites suicide jumpers for a cup of tea
I was speaking on suffering last Sunday and I was going to use this moving story. (Mind you, I might use it tomorrow on my message on influence). May it fuel our passion to make a difference in a hurting and broken world.

Coffee Shop Etiquette

In a world where many of you use the coffee shop as a third place or even work-place, some worthy considerations:

3D Printer

I am not sure whether I am more impressed or freaked-out by this. Far too ‘SF becomes reality’ for my liking. (I want a real light sabre now).

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