MIND THE GAP – Practicing

The chronology that I have used is essential I think. If we do not pray we often act in human impulses, motivated by human emotions and empowered by human resources. And me and you know what the outcome is likely to be…

We need a God inspired, grace driven and Spirit empowered action. Planning well – through asking right questions and seeking good opportunities can be a great help.

Start with yourself. Not with others or even the Church. Be the change you want to see in others regarding practicing what you believe. Otherwise you run the risk of waiting for a long time and becoming frustrated and cynicism-ridden.

Avoid programs and chose a lifestyle. Programs often can become hit and runs that after a while lose their novelty. A lifelong daily commitment to practice that is woven in your mundane existence will serve you better.

So how do you practice? Here awesome hints:

Passion – you know what drives you. How can God use that for His glory to serve others?

Talents – what are you gifted with? Arty? IT? DIY? Listener? How can God use it to bless others through it?

Time – learn to divide your week? Fit the essentials: work, family, fellowship, rest, errands. What is free? How are you going to use it for God and others?

Money – have a look at what God has entrusted you to steward. Set aside each month something every month extra for a ministry fund, live observantly and act generously with it (thanks to my friend Jim for the idea and example).

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