Today’s ‘Friday Fast-forward’ is dedicated to a visual/audio media focus. I hope that you will enjoy it. On reflection it will probably be a rollercoaster journey from beauty to raw misery and back again.

THE COFFEE CHAIR: This is a brilliant lesson on how to use a projector in a very creative way. It’s simple, surprising and very efficient.

THE POWER OF THE WAVES: A clip with ‘Ten time World Champion Surfer’ Kelly Slater. The interview is interesting enough but the HD videography is truly marvellous.

A thoughtful and poignant contrast of two (almost) identical yet so different scenarios on our planet.

DIRTY HORRIBLE JOB: This might re-focus your own reflections on how unpleasant your job might be, Consider the very desperate fate of a Dalit manual scavenger lady. A brilliant piece by the fab BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

BIRDY – SHELTER: I have listened to this so much without getting tired. Not bad for a 15 year-old. Enough said.

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