Here we go – part deux. Friday is a day a lot of people ‘fast-forward’ recommendations on twitter or on blogs. So I will attempt to share some of the links I have found interesting during the last week. Hope that you will enjoy them.

Breaking the Mould


This is a very interesting article in Christianity Today – that is wrestling with the eternal question of the uncomfortable love affair between the culture and the church – which one is calling the shots?


The Positive Side of Receiving Criticism


As a leader to the leaders and great church consultant, Thom provides us with an honest appraisal of the thorny issue of criticism. Particularly great article for anyone involved in leadership.


5 DIY Ways To Deodorize Stinky Things


As much as you would pretend you don’t need to read this practical article – trust me, you’ll find it very useful.


Steven Sharp Nelson – The Cello Song – Bach is back (with 7 more cellos)


Fantastic piece of music interpreted in a very engaging and contemporary novel manner. I bet it will go viral and sooner or later you will see it appearing on the social networks


The 8 Most Insanely Obvious Signs In The World (PHOTOS)

Something truly baffling yet guaranteed to make you smile.


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