Friday is a day a lot of people ‘fast-forward’ recommendations on twitter or on blogs. So I will attempt to share some of the links I have found interesting during the last week. Hope that you will enjoy them.

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain


This is a very geeky article from the guys at Lifehacker – only for those really interested in coffee and addictions.


A Faith Worth Emulating

A great historical/biographical article about one the of the Salvation Army’s well-known figures – Samuel Brengle – a great article by Gordon MacDonald.


Chinese teen sells his kidney for an iPad 2

A very disturbing story that probably reflects the global virus of materialism spreading so wildly. Might not be quite as alien to some of the crazy decisions some people in our communities make in order to have the right brand.


The Most Common Regrets People Have on Their Deathbed (That You Can Avoid Now)

This has been a week when death has been a pretty talked about subject in the UK media. A very thought-provoking article that we would all do well to reflect upon. And ACT upon…


Accessible Media presents: Jeff’s Day

One word: inspirational!

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