MARRIAGE – a reminder

I had the fantastic privilege of marrying a wonderful couple this afternoon. On of them was part of the youth group i lead‘ – which I guess makes me so proud of her journey in God so far. It also does make me a tad old.

I finished my sermon today with the words of arguably the best pastor this Isles have seen. They are old words – yet they are just as relevant for those married today. Read them, ponder over them, take them to your spouse and respond with a renewed desire to make yourselves available to the Holy Spirit to work in you marriage in amazing new ways.

Take every opportunity which your nearness provides to be speaking seriously to each other about the matters of God, and your salvation. Discussing those things of this world no more than required. And then talk together of the state and duty of your souls towards God, and of your hopes of heaven, as those that take these for their greatest business. And don’t speak lightly, or un-reverently, or in a rude and disputing manner; but with gravity and sobriety, as those that are discussing the most important things in the whole world.’    RICHARD BAXTER (1615­-1691)

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