IMPLEMENT – the discussion is in some ways just like a journey. It is important in itself but ultimately it must lead to a destination. The study/discussion with all its questions and opinions should ‘birth’ a transformational change – both in mind-set as well as actions.

There will always be a mixture of pragmatists and non-pragmatists in any group. Some are just happy to listen, others just happy to present and discuss ideas. Very few will actually get really frustrated if that’s all there is…

You must embrace the ‘SW factor’ – asking yourself constantly and stirring up your group to do the same – so what? Here is a helpful approach. If that’s what we think/believe then:

  • What does it mean for me personally?
  • What does it mean for my job/vocation?
  • What does it mean for my family?
  • What does it mean for my community?
  • How does this influence my global world-view?
  • How, then, do I spend my money/time and energies?

It is imperative that you have a clear objective before you get into the group discussion? What is the ONE practical change you want to impress to your group? Do you believe it? Can you communicate it? Are you ready to live it out?

In order to make things practical – you need to constantly draw out those who keep making theoretical statements into ‘real life’ situations and examples. Create scenarios and dialogues (‘what if’).

Sometimes giving people a ‘homework project’ that applies what the discussion presented – is a really good idea. As a way of developing together as a group and celebrating transformation get some feedback next time.

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