INTRODUCTIONS – As I wrote in yesterday’s post – the aim of the discussion is not just to ‘get it right’ from an information point of view. The discussion should be a community building tool. Therefore good inter-personal relationships within the group are essential

Start by introducing people if they don’t know each other. Make newcomers feel at ease and make the long-term ‘customers’ feel valued in being there. Use ice-breakers or get them to talk about their day/week. That would create a sense of warmth and intimacy where people feel safe and accepted in sharing their opinions as well as voicing their questions or doubts even.

Talking about us and our lives – with all the ordinary or extraordinary ‘ups and downs’ – to people who are interest, is such a rare commodity these days…

If you as a leader work at this you will reap great results in the depth and effectiveness of the group discussion. At the end of the day – the discussion as a ‘journey’ is often more important than the destination itself.

Here are some helpful questions that can help you enhance the introductions within the group:

Do I know the people in the group that I am leading?

Have I made them personally welcome eve before the meeting?

Have I prepared some good ice-breakers to get them talking?

Am I ready to set an example in vulnerability by talking about my life/week?

Are there any hindrances in people feeling welcomed in the group?

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