As we seek to grow and develop in our relationship with God, each other and our communities – it might be helpful to ask ourselves some questions. Hopefully they will confirm we are on the right path and inspire us to go further and faster, both as leaders and  as LIFE GROUPS. Please feel free to use the questions for your reflection, prayer and maybe even discussion in your group.

  • Are there any hindrances in people using their gifts in the LIFE GROUP? Is it me? Is it us? Is it them? What can we change?
  • What are the tools that foster a greater sense of mutual accountability towards spiritual transformation in our LIFE GROUP?
  • How can we, as leaders, enthuse the people in our LIFE GROUP to become more missionall?
  • How can we model a seamless connectivity between the Church – community – our LIFE GROUP? Can we encourage/support a ministry in CFMC as a LIFE GROUP?
  • What can fuel a better prayer ministry in our LIFE GROUP?
  • If you had to ‘step down’ as a leader – who could lead instead? How can you/me (LIFE GROUPS coordinator) encourage and develop that person?
  • Are there ‘part-timers’ (not using this term judgmentally at all) that need to be encouraged and re-enfolded back in the LIFE GROUP? What about inviting someone you connect well in the Church who isn’t involved in a LIFE GROUP yet (if your group is not too big – i.e. 12+)?

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