I really didn’t know what to expect. Everyone bar one of my friends thought it was superb. He described it as ‘beige’. I still expected to like it, and the beginning was really promising. I was well acted and witty. But then at some point it became terribly formulaic. SPOILER ALERT. Man has a disability that cripples his confidence. He comes across an unusual inspirational therapist – and then bingo – all gets sorted.

Although a British film it was terribly Hollywoodian in its cheap ‘feel good’ factor. It was deemed as ‘inspirational’ but it turned out to be a ‘diet/sugarfree/fat free’ version of inspirational (bland). It seemed somehow short and the characters were very sketchy. We knew so little about them, particularly the rest of the royal family.

Pet peeve – I really found the scene with the tirade of swearwords a cheap shot meant to make those – who ‘didn’t get the rest of the humour’ – laugh outloud. It reminded me of the early days of Sacha Baron Cohen that later had to ‘dumb down’ his humour so that everyone will ‘get it’. If that sounds snobbish – I am guilty as charged. All in all, my verdict is that it was a bit ‘magnolia’ rather than beige. It was watchable, pleased most of the crowd, didn’t challenge the mind to much, left us all a bit cheerful – but ultimately unexceptional.

Having also seen True Grit, The Fighter, Inception & The Social Network – I definitely liked them all more than TKS. A mini review of each to follow….


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