Some dear friends if mine are embarking on the ‘blogging’ journey and I offered to write something for their benefit primarily.

Here is a brief introduction to blogging as learned over the last few years, and I am very much blogging with my ‘L plates’ on. All that I have learned is by trial and error or observing and benefiting from reading good bloggers.

Being an online public diary – it is very much linked to the context, personality and talent of the writer. And therefore like any creative exercise, creativity and originality are highly prized.

When it comes to CONTENT, two things spring to mind straight away.  If you are travelling or living away from the main audience of your blog – write about the mundane. Ordinary events of the day will give people an insight into your life.

Then, write about the memorable highlights of the day. It can be an incident, a news item, a quote, an observation – something that will encourage people to pay attention.

STYLE-WISE, write to inform, inspire and impact. Those three qualities will leave a mark on those reading and will enhance your communication with both friends and the blogosphere at large.

Productivity and self-discipline are the hallmark of great bloggers yet very difficult to achieve. You need to strike a balance between not writing for the sake of it or being far too infrequent. Both extremes will nauseate and frustrate your readers.

Last words – baby steps. Treat blogging as a learning experience. You will go through exciting patches and also plenty of dull ones. Don’t panic and keep coming back to it with fresh fervour.

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