This week is challenging week for many of the teens in the Church, who are facing exams – so I wrote these few lines for you. Real, strong, impacting men and women of God have always been shaped in the furnace of tests and trials. If I mention Esther, Ruth, Daniel or David – you would know what I mean.

This week I know many of you will be tested academically through your exams. I also know that probably you are apprehensive about them. And that is very human and understandable… Yet I want to encourage you to see them as unique opportunities.

You ought to be really thankful to God for the opportunity of a free education. Many would love to have that chance, and sadly either cannot afford it or they simply live in a context where education just isn’t available. As a way of demonstrating your gratitude you should work with diligence and strive fir excellence.

From another perspective, an exam is an opportunity that God takes to ‘show off’ with who has made you. You are all gifted – differently and unique – but gifted for sure. And this is your chance to be a witness of God’s as a brilliant Creator that made you. Btw, don’t compare your results to the others around you. It’s insulting to God. He created you as a unique person. You are only accountable to Him and supposed to compete with yourself alone, doing your best.

I am sure some of you might feel guilty or disappointed with your preparation and maybe it’s all a bit late to change anything… It’s not to late… If you feel guilty – grace awaits you as you come and admit your mistakes to a compassionate God.

Some of you might have your identity wrapped-up into your academic success. If you do well – you’re accepted and acceptable, you tell yourself. Don’t make that mistake. Your identity isn’t defined by that.

Your relationship with God ought to be the defining factor of your identity. How He sees you is the true and accurate perspective. Character and integrity are important to your future success in life too.

I pray that God will empower you to display His power, grace and love in every circumstance of life.

‘And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.’

Daniel 12:3




  1. What’s wrong with a bit of friendly competition? It helps me to work… sure, I’ll be a little disappointed if Ann-Marie beats me, but not by much, and only for a few minutes.

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