We have just started the year as a Church with a week of prayer, We gathered together, prayed in small groups, prayed with the youth and had a prayer room (different people came in and prayed every hour) set up since Friday until tomorrow lunch time. I expect it to be a significant time – personally and as a church. Here are some of the benefits of a renewed emphasis on prayer:

IN PRAYER we humble ourselves – this is is the most evident sign of humility. It’s an admission of defeat, a cry for desperate help, a recognition of our own inadequacy. Bu praying we declare that gimmicks and programs are not the solution. Our confidence relies on God alone – the Only one able to satisfy, lead and empower our lives.

IN PRAYER we hear Him clearer – by taking time away and shutting out distractions, we cultivate a rare sensitivity to His voice. As He has our focused and undivided attention – we become more aware of His character and His promises. Prayer is not a monologue or a formula. As our hearts hunger and thirst for Him – He reveals Himself afresh.

IN PRAYER our hearts are changed – books, tapes and seminars are useful, but nothing changes our minds and hearts like prayer. As we meditate on His Word and recognize His will and as we earnestly pray that His character might be formed in us and His will fulfilled through us – authentic transformation takes place. On our knees, compassion, peace, forgiveness, conviction of sin and passion for the lost are released afresh. Without such a change we are religious robots blindly fulfilling someone’s vision or our own fake pursuit for spiritual significance.

IN PRAYER we find a renewed authority – only those who learn to bow down before the King, will be brave enough to live lives of integrity. We remember our identity as His ambassadors as we remember who is the One that sends us The quest for truth is birthed in time spent with Him. Every courageous history maker knew that secret. They all had a secret chamber where the greatest victories were won.

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