There is nothing profound in saying that leaders are different… They stand out by their character, gifting and often even charisma.

A leader will often experience both pay-backs for their work as well as plenty of pains in disappointments, criticisms and failures. And often their insecurity is also their greatest enemy.

Recently Beth Moore said: ‘If pride is the graveyard of all good leaders, then insecurity is the psych ward.’

How true but also how haunting for anyone who leads.

Just like any other leader out there, I wrestle with these essential questions: Who am I? Why do I do what I do? How do I do it?

John the Baptist was an amazing Biblical example who demonstrates a healthy tension: he was staggeringly humble yet truly influential (in Jesus’ estimation).

I wonder whether there is a hint why – he was brilliant at understanding his own identity:
‘There was a man sent from God whose name was John.’ John 1:6

His grasp of his frailty (‘a man’) and its limitations  is in a perfect tension with God’s invested authority (‘sent’) – that’s where the influence comes from.

A wise Christian leader would be just like John – recognising with humility his frailty but also realising they are invested with God’s authority. Paul very often would use the same tension in his introductions.


2 thoughts on “ESSENTIAL TENSION

  1. So true Mr Murgsy, there are way too may leaders who project a persona that is really a massive cover for huge insecurity. The problem is, the insecurity works it’s way out in all sorts of places. there’s only one way of being secure and that’s in trusting in a power greater than our own, and greater than any other.

  2. Yep. Spot on. John got it. frailty of humanity receiving divine authority. MORE than that, Cristi…..Jesus came in the SAME frailty as John. Without sin, yes, divine, yes, but his authority came from the Father. It was given to Him. The Father highly exalted Him and gave Him the name above all names at the end of it. The Father sent the Spirit to raise Jesus from the dead. It wasn’t Jesus who authorised and activated the plan. He stated that without the Father’s instigation, He could say or do nothing.Otherwise, Jesus woud have been bending the rules of being human, and could not have been the perfect sacrifice for us. I reckon both John AND Jesus understood they were men with Divine authority, but also walked in human frailty. And hence, both invested themselves in listening to the Father and being obedient.
    Thanks for these devotionals. most excellent.

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