A friend of mine, going through difficulties at the moment, send me a great e-mail of encouragement that doubled up as a personal testimony. I will (with permission) give you a glimpse into that, hoping that it will speak to you as much as it did to me.

Three weeks before we entered a mammoth time of testing which has continued, I was reading Isaiah chapter 30 verse 15 (in the King James, although it is similar in NIV.)

It was the last part, but you would not!  I kept reading that verse to see if I had read correctly, then on to other verses and then other chapters surrounding that verse.  Over the three weeks God was preparing me and my heart, who I would seek to choose.  With God’s help I choose to trust Him.

Another picture the Lord gave at another time was dealing with the same issue in a different way.  It was about been hidden with Christ and out of the way.  The picture was of an open cave with me inside and having the choice to stay where I was and be safe or go out, (choice).

Then something happened, outside was a very small child (as a mother, mine) in great danger. Everything within me wanted to run outside and and grab the child and look after it myself.  The voice reminded me to be still and obey and watch.  That is the place He wants us to be by His Grace.  As it is He who is the Saviour, it is He who battles for us, we need to be obedient and get out of the way and say hidden.  In returning and rest are ye saved and in quietness and confidence is your strength but ye would not.  Fear of any sort can render us incapable of doing anything (paralyzed through Fear).  Anxiety / stress can cause us to be affected in our mind-confusion.

Over the years I have had to be constantly reminded of the same things and building on the foundations of His Word.  It helps me see the difference of me battling or allowing the Lord of the battle do it for me.

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