In his most recent Pastor’s Weekly Briefing newsletter, H.B. London Jr. offers some seasonal advice to fellow ministers:

“Many of you will observe the beginning of Advent. Advent is a Latin word meaning ‘the coming.’ The Advent wreath with its candles symbolize the coming of Jesus—’the Light’ in the midst of darkness.

“May I offer you and your family a few helpful suggestions you might use as you navigate this ‘most wonderful time of the year’?
1. Begin right away to set holiday priorities for each family member.
2. Mark out evenings on the calendar that are ‘reserved’ just for family.
3. Establish a list of people or families who would benefit by some special TLC in the next few weeks.
4. Have a conversation about the meaning and value of gift giving. Perhaps, even establish some guidelines.
5. Decorate early. Get a head start on making things festive.
6. During Advent—either at the morning or evening meal—read portions of the Christmas story beginning with Old Testament prophecy.
7. Attend a Christmas program or presentation at another venue or church. Just relax and enjoy the ministry of another congregation.

“Bottom line: Make this season as uncluttered and meaningful for your family as possible.”

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