MOVING ON: Lessons on the Way

Last night we had a great time of re-evaluating attitudes, unity and communication @ Pulse (the Bible study group for older teens). I was really encouraged by their sincerity, wisdom and vulnerability in dealing with potential ‘cracks’ in the foundations of the group. Some of you might find it helpful to think of these issues when dealing with a similar situation. So here is what I have learned with them:

  • TRUTHFULNESS: we must have the courage to tell the truth about how we feel and what we think. It might even be just a matter of perception but it still is right to voice it.
  • HUMILITY: there is always helpful to voice things with a level of self-doubt (‘maybe it’s just me’) always leaving room for the fact that you could have got the ‘wrong end of the stick’
  • TRANSPARENCY: learning to open up and not be afraid to let people see you even either hurt, angry or very sad. Body language often conveys feelings much better than words
  • COMMUNICATION: learning to voice-up our questions, worries, desires and concerns. Avoiding gossiping or having ‘meetings after the meeting’.
  • COURAGE: it is almost always easier to avoid confrontation but taking cheap, selfish, safe shortcuts (gossip, whine). Courageous people express publicly their thought – with humility.
  • PRAYER: it was great to hear not just apologies to one another but asking forgiveness from God and a desire to ‘move on’ in His strength (true repentance).
  • BIBLE: one of the girls brought a fab passage from Ephesians talking about unity, service and love.

Much more could be added, I am sure, but that is good as a starter.


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