Never Ever Give-up – J. Collins

Greatness not circumstance but discipline and choice.

Danger of failure
– Sick on the inside – deceptive
– 5 stages / antitheses

1. Hubris – outrageous arrogance – forgetting to fuel the primary passion; forgetting how you got there

!!! it is not about them !!!
!!! humility !!!

2. Undisciplined pursuit of ‘more’. Over reaching

!!! Get the right fantastic people on board !!!

3. Denial of risk and peril – the Stockdale paradox – faith facing brutal facts

4. Grasping for salvation

‘Greatness is a cumulative process.’

5. Capitulation
Financial and repetitional capital squandered.

!!! The great companies had a reason !!!
!!! Money and success not sufficient !!!

Don’t lose values but be willing to change. Practices can be changed. Preserve the core and stimulate progress.

!!! Not OR but AND !!!


1. Do your diagnostics
2. Count blessings
3. Questions to statements ratio – double it
4. Key seats filled with fantastic people
5. Diagnostic with team
6. Brutal facts
7. Have a ‘stop doing’ list
8. Define results and celebrate them – clucks on the leadership flywheel
9. Double your reach to young people by changing practices without changing your core
9. Get a new audacious goal

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