I have uploaded some of my messages – hopefully they can be an encouragement, inspiration or correction for someone.

‘All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.’    2 Timothy 3:16

PETER SERIES: ENCOUNTER – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/210210A_1.mp3

PETER SERIES: PREPARED – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/210210A_1.mp3

PETER SERIES: ALMOST – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/070310A.mp3

PETER SERIES: REVEALED – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/210310A_1.mp3

PETER SERIES: SECOND CHANCE – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/180410A.mp3

PETER SERIES: TRANSITIONS – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/090510A.mp3

PETER SERIES: CHAIN REACTION – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/300510A.mp3

PETER SERIES: AMAZING MINISTRY – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/200610A.mp3

PETER SERIES: CROSSROADS – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/180710A.mp3


SECRETS OF RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE 1 – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/130610P.mp3

SECRETS OF RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE 2 – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/270610P.mp3

SECRETS OF RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE 3 – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/040710P.mp3


AUTHENTIC CONVERSION – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/020510A.mp3

NEWSFLASH – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/010810A.mp3

FAVOURITES: PASSION – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/080810P.mp3

YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE – http://www.cfmc.org.uk/Podcasts/150810A.mp3


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