I have listened this morning to one of the best radio moments of the year. Victoria Derbyshire interviewed PC David Rathband (the Police officer that was shot and injured (left blind) by Raoul Moat a few weeks ago. Though I am an avid 5Live listener, VD’s phone in show can be at times very tabloid. Not the case today, thankfully.

It was a very moving interview without being sappy. The gentleman has been amazing in his reaction, attitude and true dignity – real class. He was measured in his evaluation of the tragic events that had left him blind. He spoke without bitterness and demeaning attitude about his assailant. There was no trace of either self-pity (he felt that he had been lucky to have had sight) or pride. He simply described himself as an ordinary member of the public who chose a risky career.

These are the contemporary role-models that we need to celebrate.

I encourage you to listen to the interview, play it to your children – as a great lesson and true inspiration. The first parof teh interview is already up on the Beeb. I am sure they will have it soon as a podcast. Worth tracking it.

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