I was quite intrigued by the plot of this new Nolan release and after hearing the good ‘doctor’ Kermode reviewing it so positively I became even more curious. Before going the blockbuster way with the last two Batman movies, Christopher Nolan created a real unique masterpiece in ‘Memento’ – an original and yet a very complex film. It took me about three viewings to sense the flow of the plot. It probably has to do with my inability to follow the non-linear and backward storyline.

The premise of Inception sounds fantastic: a ‘dream spy’ (Leo) who has the ability to infiltrate people’s dreams and stealing personal details – wants to go to the next level by creating an idea and implanting into someone’s subconscious via a dream (or in our case an ever increasing sets of dreams). So you have to get your head around the entire concept of dreams vs. reality.

Yet for me it disappoints: the script is far too clunky (going too much into the explanations), the action scenes are cheap Bond-like, the pace is drawn-out and visually the only three amazing pieces (the folding street, the crumbling shores, the train on the road) of cinematography are the ones you seen in the trailer. In the end I was bored and exhausted.

The acting is good – to be expected with the calibre of actors available. There are some witty pieces of writing in the script. As expected (in my humble opinion) it ends up with the almost classic scene reminiscent of The Shutter Island and the Sixth Sense. This is far too obvious for an ambitious project like this but maybe a way for a sequel.

Probably Nolan tried to marry a blockbuster with an art house movie. For me, it did not work. I can think of much better (and imho, successful) attempts to deal with the issues of reality/dreams/time travel/alternative existence: Fight Club, The Matrix, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or even Donnie Darko.

I am aware that I am at odds with most of my friends (some of them true film buffs) as well as some of my favourite reviewers. Which makes me think that maybe I have missed something….

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