Being Father’s Day in the UK tomorow I have come across these quoutes by celebrities regarding their fathers. They are very different but equally insightful.

Best Life Magazine and Reader’s Digest asked some well-known people “What did you learn from your father?” Here are some of the answers.

Denzel Washington: [He was a] gentleman. A real gentle man. A devout Christian. A spirit-filled man, hardworking, low-key, consistent. And like myself nowadays, he was working all day. He probably put in 18, 20 hours a day.

Tom Hanks: How not to do things. My dad was a good guy, but he didn’t communicate well. And that made me really try to concentrate on communicating, to really express how I’m feeling.

Robert Duvall: He tried to teach me to be a gentleman. He was one; he was a good example.

John Leguizamo: Determination. He had crazy obstacles, but he never gave up–no matter how hard life got.

Mickey Rourke: I met him only once. We got along great in that one meeting. I wish I would have known him a lot longer.

Elvis Costello: Curiosity and the ability to listen. And he gave me a great record collection.

Patrick Swayze: My dad taught me the true man’s way of life: Be a peaceful warrior, with harm to none.

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