It seemed to me that Mr. Brown did not hear clearly what the lady said
to him. Maybe he was irritable about something else already. Maby he
wasn’t listening attentively. Maybe it wasn’t even what she said but
the fact that she dared to become an interruption…

The point is, he failed to listen (properly). If he would have – he
would have realised she was a genuine supporter that voiced fears that
were valid. If so – he could have taken the time to expose some of the
fallacies regarding ‘foreigners taking out jobs’ and explain his own
deep-felt convictions about this thorny issue.

Yes, we have all done this. Hypocrisy is rife in real-life, nevermind
the ever spun webs of political life. Still, he should have confronted
her politely and publicly, if he thought she was wrong. That would
have shown real leadership and backbone.
This is a warning to us all. If we keep changing masks, eventually we
will lose our identity and integrity. ‘Spin’ will only makes us dizzy…

I have no particular political sympathy towards Mr. Brown, although I
have center-left leanings. I do feel sorry for him though. He is not
an ‘immage’ gifted man like the other two. He is under pressure from
the polls. I wouldn’t dare to guess how well he sleeps at night. It
was a mistake and one that many of us would have made.

How many of us would love to get a ‘mulligan’ when we do a blunder like this. The press is immorally self-righteous and vindictive. Let’s drop the stones, look in the mirror (no pun intended) and learn the lessons.

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