I am re-reading the Gospel account of Jesus’ last week I am intrigued and staggered by Pilate.If commentators and historians are right – he was a confident heavy-handed Roman governor of Judea. Yet strangely enough, when it comes to judging Christ, he ‘bottles’ it

He disregards the evidence from his dialogue (interrogation) with Jesus as well as the advice from his wife. but why respond to the request from those with whom he shared such a mutual hatred and dislike? Did he succumb to peer-pressure? Or was it fear that his superiors would see him weak and inefficient in upholding Roman law? We will never know for sure..

His tactic? Diversion. Sending Jesus away to Herod and then he introducing Barabas in the equation. It was the equivalent of getting someone else to do his dirty work for him (‘scoate carbunii cu mana altuia, Ro). Making excuses. Unwilling to make a stand. Shying away from a decision. Choosing safety first. Complacency. Comfort.

The staggering fact is that Jesus seem to interact with him more than any of the others during the 6 trials He experienced. Yet Pilate does not want to act on his right instinct and declare Jesus not guilty, and therefore free.

Antony & the Johnsons had a powerful lyric in one of their songs: ‘And I search for a bit f kindness and I find Hitler in my heart’. To paraphrase – I find Pilate in my heart. Day after day, I shy away from speaking the truth, living the truth and showing humble boldness. A time to check our hearts and our attitudes. those who follow Him, have found the ‘truth – and the Truth has set them free’. Let us live as free people – with integrity and courage

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