Just a few things I came across last week. Here is something of a ‘credo’ or distilled philosophy of ministry that I wrote a few months ago. I found it inspiring and encouraging as I revisited them:

I pursue to please, honour and magnify Christ above all else in my thoughts, words and actions. He is my Saviour and the supreme authority in my life and in him I find my true identity. I’d rather be forgotten but Jesus always remembered through my service.

I cherish the Word of God as a treasure, pleasure, weapon, tool, manual and nourishment – that can transform our lives. Under the power of the Holy Spirit it becomes the most effective tool to reach our world.

I have a great passion to see the Church become that pure and passionate Bride of Jesus that will impact the local community/world in a significant way. A healthy church will grow not through adoptions (transfers) only but primarily through new births (conversions).

I am convinced that a profound understanding of grace is the only true motivation for worship, service and outreach. Any other motivation will fail or lead to legalism.

I believe that in ministry people come first. Programmes should serve people and not vice-versa.

I believe that above all the ‘snazzy’ programmes and the authentic desire for relevance, the Holy Spirit is the One that impacts and changes peoples lives.

I believe that discipleship is a significant missing link in the 21st Century Church; more Christ-followers needed, not just ‘Christians’. More conversions (authentic repentance) are needed not just commitments.

I believe in spiritual transformation. God doesn’t love us as we are. He welcomes us as we are but desires to constantly change us into the likeness of His Son. In Him, by His Spirit we can defeat sin and live as ‘slaves to righteousness’.

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