On the Gospel

A little ‘rant’ from RT, my ex-roomate from Bible college. He is Welsh…. And very truthful. He doesn’t just blogg about these matters but practices through his church plant. Kudos.

The church in the 21st century has been seduced in the lap of modernism and social sciences. Today Pastor’s are more concerned of their understanding of anthropology and sociology more than theology! Our churches are consumed with seeker friendly ideas to draw the crowd and attempt to entertain them into the Kingdom.

The seduction has led us not to preach Christ and His hatred of sin but rather present a Jesus that is sympathetic to our sinful, selfish and arrogant soul that fails to take into account His holiness. Those who preach the truth are called, legalistic, fundamentalists, arrogant, judgmental, and and they fail to understand the times we live in. We are hailed as ‘old fashioned’ in the light of what they term ‘Gen X’, and so now a church that has carefully styled lighting, music, creative arts, and allows the consumer Christian to be satisfied with comfortable Christianity where the preacher never offends but rather gives a 35 minute motivational chat on how to be rich, successful, and healthy.

We have sacrificed truth on the altar of contemporariness which is another word for compromise to appeal to the ‘unchurched’ which is not even a biblical word so we use replacement words to not offend. When we speak of the unchurched we should say ’sinner’ when speaking of sin we should not call it ‘mistakes’ or ‘problems’.

Relevancy has replaced revelation, we have forgotten our sacred duty as preachers and treated the pulpit as a place of seeking to be relevant to people more then presenting the revelation of God to the people. Im tired of the plastic, short cut Christianity that many are being called to live. Pastors have become business gurus, motivational speakers, comedians, social entrepreneurs and counsellors but hear me we are called to preach the Word!

Each week as we rise to that pulpit we should as Campbell Morgan often told himself when ascending to the pulpit he would quote “I am led as a lamb to the slaughter”

It’s time for Pastors to repent, return to preaching truth and then maybe we would see the greatest move of God in the 21st Century.

2 thoughts on “On the Gospel

  1. Maybe we have begun to substitute the word rant for God seeking church loving reality longing passion…? Oh for Jesus’ grace and truth perfect fusion

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