Just seen ‘Avatar’ – after plenty of time of waiting and listening to personal reviews from my friends. I was thrilled for the first 30 minutes and increasingly bored afterwards. Here are some of my thoughts on it:


  • Visually it looks fabulous – though the 3D worked only in part. I agree with Dr. Kermode that it would probably be fine without the glasses. But to be fair, how many times would you watch a movie because it is fabulous visually? Think The English Patient….
  • It uses a pretty linear story line that is easy to follow – a fairy-tale, if a common one at that.


  • The message is confused: pro-environmentalism while portraying an over-blown cruel battle scene?
  • Far too long
  • Very ‘new age’ without any clever underlying philosophy – a real ‘mish mash’.

Star Wars or LoR it isn’t! I would have loved Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam to have a go at the subject – which seems fascinating.

PS – a few theological reflections, if I may:

  • the idea of the Avatar – new identity in a parallel world – a foretaste of Heaven – no disabilities
  • the idea of death in order to be reborn as an Na’vi – new birth – spritually

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