I have been preaching a mini series on Sunday nights – ‘Flashforward’ – triggered by the new TV series. I have already posted something about it:

As I started to read what Jesus taught the disciples about His return in Matthew 24-25, one of the things that strikes me is a sense of surprise: some that wear the badge, just won’t be acknowledged as authentic Christ-followers. Therefore Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (on Romans, vol 2, page 98) has a stern warning for all those of us who are in ministry:

“. . . There is nothing, surely, which is more dangerous to the soul than what we may call a glib believism. And you see how this affects all our ideas of evangelism.  If we are so anxious to get people ‘through’, as we say, instead of leaving the Holy Spirit to do His own work, we tend to say, ‘But look here, it is simple – – here, you see, the Scripture says if you believe you are saved.  Do you believe?  Yes.  Very well, you are saved, it is all right’.  But it may be all wrong!  It may be terribly all wrong!  And it can be an exceedingly dangerous thing to say that to a soul, and to give people the impression that because they have said they believe and accept, all is well.  There is a sense in which we have got to say that to them, but we must not stop at that.  We must go on – – we must say, ‘All your good living and all your works can never save you.  You have got to see that, and you have got to admit that to yourself and to God.  You have got to see that you can only be saved by the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will act upon you.  He will bring into birth a new man within you; He will implant a new principle of life in you, and that will begin to manifest itself’.  In other words, we must never stop at just believing – – we must always emphasize regeneration – – the re-birth – the new man.  Otherwise it seems to me we are leaving souls in a very dangerous position.

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