Well, I am on a roll…second post today. One of the books I am reading at the moment is Wayne Cordeiro’s ‘Leading on Empty’. Those familiar with Willow’s GLS might have heard him speak. He is sharp and simple yet reaches the soul. In this new book he attempts to draw on his own experience of burnout, desiring to help pastors and those who could face similar professional issues.

How do you lead when you don’t feel like leading? And how do you sail through the dead waters when the wind has died and that which was a festival now demands the intentional? When exhilaration turns to perspiration?

The book is ok – not ground-breaking and a bit too ‘self-improvement’ like. On the plus side, I like its practicality.  One of the items that ‘arrested’ me was his very practical observations re. good sleep. From Genesis 1:8, he draws the conclusion that the day begins in the evening, and therefore the start of the day is our time snoozing. Apparently the healthiest time to sleep (all to do with REM cycles) is between 9pm-3am. I wonder about doing some adjustments.

He suggests: ‘Learn to sleep on the front side of the clock. Sleep right and double your rest.’

4 thoughts on “SLEEP MATTERS

  1. Yep… tis good – have intentionally been dealing with my bad sleeping habits – i.e. not getting enough.. and am already starting to seeing the benefits…
    read a book called ‘Margin; Restoring, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives’ was gd

  2. plus, here is the only place we sleep! there will be no night in heaven, no sleep there! 🙂 this is not of those graces reserved for earth! i know for a fact that if i don;t get a goodnight sleep, or at least some sleep during the night ( sleep disorders plague me often enough), i am not effective and efficient in my day! As time passes i see the need for sleep more and more ( how i stayed up all those nights when i was a teen, i don;t know! it seams impossible right now)!
    off the soap box now, and on to work!

  3. My Grandmother always used to say – “It’s not how long you sleep that counts, it’s how much sleep before mid-night”. Looks like her “old wives tail” had some basis in fact 🙂

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