I have just finished reading Exodus in the last few days and i was gripped again by the great amount of leadership lessons we can draw from Moses’ life. Being the eternal optimist I noted a few of the many episodes of difficulty in his leadership:

  1. ‘SPIRITUAL DIY’: instead of allowing God to work through him, Moses tries to work for God – with tragic effects
  2. INSECURITIES: you thought you were bad, he keeps bringing a new one out. Fantastic to see God’s reassuring support. Also that His patience eventually runs out (mine did before…) –
  3. COUNTERFEITS: how disheartening to see the ‘fakes’ still put up a fight against the authentic one and only God.
  4. REJECTION: a permanent reoccurring theme that mus have been so heartbreaking after all his efforts for the people.
  5. COMPLAINTS: another permanent feature; he people have a short memory and seemingly a big mouth to complain.
  6. NEGATIVISM: everything is bleak, victories are forgotten, the past was so much better. Selective memories galore.
  7. IGNORED: His communication of God’s word/will was often not taken seriously – re. manna
  8. FORGOTTEN: as e goes to meet with God and is delayed – they ‘move on’ as if he never existed.
  9. BETRAYED: even his closest relative and team member lets him down and then lies about it.

Moses remains a superb example of a dedicated, patient, interceding leader. You would do well to take time to explore his life, relationship with God and the people He called him to lead.

Use these as a spring-board if you are involved in leadership. If not – pray for your leaders as hey probably face similar situations.

I might use them for a backbone for a leadership study, or maybe even a book(let).


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