I had lunch with friend of mine today who is catching-up (age wise). He will be 30 next year and he decided to make up a list. You probably know the type – ’30 things to do before you’re 30′: skydiving, learning to do this and that. I was really amazed that some of his ‘resolutions’ included reading the Bible back to back and learning a whole Gospel by heart. Both admirable and ambitious.

It made me reflect on something I taught on last week : Jesus’ stark warning in the Sermon on the Mount about gathering treasures on earth where, thieves, rust and moths will destroy it. Utterly pointless and ultimately disappointing. Instead Jesus talks about gathering treasure in heaven.. So what does He mean? How do we do that?

Dr. Piper writes much about it in ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’

Here is something to wet your appetite?

What kind of treasure are you gathering?

What are you ‘chasing’?

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