ELIJAH: What If…

TEXT: 2 Kings 1:1-18


  1. Mistake: Ignoring Opportunity
  2. Mistake: Ignoring History
  3. Ignoring Mercy


  • Helpful Question: ‘God, what are YOU teaching me?’
  • Helpful Question: ‘God, what do YOU want to change in me?’
  • Helpful Question: ‘God, do I accept/appreciate YOUR mercy?’
  • God offers you a new start: new chance!
  • Nothing in your ‘history’ is irredeemable!


‘When a man has judged himself, Satan is put out of office.  When he lays anything to a saint’s charge, he is able to retort and say, “It is true, Satan, I am guilty of these sins, but I have judged myself already for them; and having condemned myself in the lower court of conscience, God will acquit me in the upper court of heaven.’    Thomas Watson

God has a holy temper, but He has a very long fuse!’      Sam Storms

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