Finally a very interesting offer on the ‘box’. It comes form ABC who brought us the ubiquitous ‘Lost’ ( just hope it doesn’t drag and meander just as bad as ‘Lost’.

‘Flashforward’ works under the premise that on a particular September day in 2009 (almost) everybody in the world has a 2 minutes and 17 seconds of fainting, being knocked out.

And here comes the really intriguing factor – they all see themselves in exactly six months from now. Not ‘how’ or ‘why’ they got to that particular place in their lives. Just a glimpse. Almost cryptic. For some it is good news for others not… Divided we were – divided we remain.

In the series they will try to solve the mystery and I will spare you any other unnecessary details. My question is ‘what would you do if you saw a glimpse of your future in 6 months from now? Would you change anything? How?

As a follower of Christ – I know (should know) what the future brings. Does that make any different to my life? A wise man who sacrificed his life as a martyr in the Amazonian jungle once wrote in his diary: ‘Make sure that when it comes to die you only have one thing left to do: die.’   (Jim Elliot)

PS – I am planning a sermon series on Sunday nights looking t what Jesus teaches about His return.

One thought on “Flashforward

  1. Interesting timing. I’ve been contemplating the phrase ‘treasures in heaven’ recently. I tend to live in the now, and spend little (no) time contemplating future impacts and certainly not heavenly impacts.

    Living in the now is no bad thing, but it needs to be in the context of the eternal futures.

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